Multiform Dummy

Fimas electropneumatic steaming and blowing dummy, adjustable in height. Built for finishing jackets, coats, as well as dry and wet/centrifuged outerwear.


Fimas 379 Form Finisher Dummie.jpg
  • Model: 379
  • Adjustable Shoulder Width
  • Air Blowing with Built-In Electric Fan (2,25 kw)
  • Height Adjustable Front Blocking Stopper
  • Standard Dummy
  • Adjustable Slitcloser Blade, with Manual Opening and Closing
  • Set of Wooden Sleeve Tensioners
  • Set of Plastic Sleeve Tensioners
  • Interchangeable Front Blade
  • Steam Consumption: 20-30 Kg/h
  • Installed power: Kw 2,4