Preventative Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance agreements are becoming increasingly more important because they protect the return on your equipment purchase investment by providing a longer useful life.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements also maximize your laundry production levels. For each hour the equipment is down many pounds of laundry are not being completed. With the Preventative Maintenance Program we minimize “downtime” by properly lubricating, adjusting and calibrating the equipment to run smoothly. We also identify small problems before they become big ones.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements reduce your annual operating budget by reducing your overall costs for service repair. This is accomplished by identifying pending problems before they become catastrophic. Repairs made during a planned preventative maintenance visit will not have any additional travel charges applied.

Preventative Maintenance ensures peace of mind, that your equipment is meeting all of the manufactures specification for safety and quality of production.

East Coast Laundry Systems agrees to:

  1. Perform the manufacturers’ Preventative Maintenance requirements for each piece of equipment.
  2. Inspect and operate the equipment to determine its condition and any current repairs needed, potential problems will be identified when practical.
  3. Provide the customer with a copy of our check list, which will include a written report of our findings. This report shall include a list of any needed repairs. (NOTE: any needed repairs will be accomplished by the East Coast Laundry Systems personnel when requested, at our normal rates for service and parts.)
  4. Perform the maintenance under this agreement, plus any requests to repair as rapidly as possible to prevent excessive down time.
  5. To instruct any new operators on basic operation of the equipment.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us to discuss this or any other laundry needs.

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