Industrial Laundries require constant flow of processed goods in a timely delivered service. Customers such as Healthcare, On-premise, or Uniform Rental Companies trust East Coast Laundry Systems to deliver solutions for their operations.


Large washer Extractors

Large Open-Pocket Washers offer a high wash quality from an open-pocket cylinder. These washers are available with tilt systems for loading/unloading. They offer advanced suspensions, control packages, and a high level of productivity and reliability.

East Coast Laundry Systems also offers Divided Cylinder Washer Extractors and matching Dryer Systems.   



CBW Tunnel Washers with Pulse flow technology

Milnor CBW® Batch Washers are modular machines in which batches of goods progress through a complete wash cycle by moving from module to module.

Each module performs a specific portion of the wash process. Water flows in the opposite direction of the goods, creating a built-in water reuse system.

A tunnel washer is part of a system which usually also includes a press or centrifugal extractor, dryers, and conveyors to move goods automatically.