Shirt Form Finisher

Fimas electropneumatic dummy for simultaneous pressing of body, shoulders and short/long sleeves of shirts.


Fimas 389 Form Finisher.jpg
  • Model: 389
  • Blowing and Vacuum Unisex Dummy
  • Collar Locking 
  • Pneumatic Adjustment of Shoulder Width and Height
  • Electrical Heated Front Plate for Shirt Front Placket Locking and Pressing
  • Pneumatic Devices for Side Adjustment
  • Adjustable and Tensioning Clamps 
  • Automatic Closure of Cuffs and Sleeves
  • Built-In Electric Fan
  • Adjustable Pressing Pressure for Front Plate, 
  • Touch Screen Programmer with Menu
  • Available in Several Languages 
  • Installed power: Kw 27,8