Double Buck Shirt Finisher

With two 180° rotating dummies and 1 pressing station with hot plates and blowing hot air. This Fimas machine is equipped with a system for the contemporary finishing of body, yoke, shoulder, sleeves (long and short) and sleeve placket.


Fimas 298 Double Buck Shirt Finisher.jpg
  • Model: 298
  • Two Steam-Heated Dummies
  • Unisex, Steaming, Blowing and Vacuuming
  • Pneumatic Lock of the Neck
  • Plates for Pressed Finishing
  • Pneumatic Devices for Sides lock and Bottom Shirt Traction
  • Clamps for Cuffs/Sleeves Lock with Automatic Tensioning
  • Built-In Electric-Blower
  • Vacuum Dummy During Input Rotation
  • Safety Rotation with Electronic Pad
  • Perimeter Security Barriers and Front Leg Support
  • Control Panel with Touch Screen Programmer (20 programs)
  • Hand Safety Device for Shoulders Dinishing
  • Designed to Be Connected to Centralized Steam Plant (max 8 bar), Compressed Air (6 Bar) and Power.