Fimas Finishing Equipment

A wide range of high quality finishing equipment, such as, dummies, vacuum, blowing and steaming ironing tables, spotting tables / cabinets and pressing machines, able to satisfy the different working conditions of your operation.


Shirt Units

Various shirt units to meet your production needs. Including single and double buck shirt units, collar & cuff press, as well as multi garment finishers.

Models: 296, 298, 317, 387, & 389



Finish garments by blowing steam and hot air while holding the item in place. Easy to operate while producing a great finish with little need for touch ups.

Models: 310, 375, & 379



Ironing Tables

Available in various configurations, with or without vacuum, up air blowing, steam heated, adjustable height, overhead light, & various shapes and accessories. 

Models: 103, 104, 173, 307, 174, 167, 159, 156, & 166



Pre and post spotting board and cabinet to treat the toughest stains. Have the right tools for the job with vacuum, air, & steam.

Models: 162 & 163 



Various buck shapes and options available