Front Load vs Top Load Washers

Top load washers will be your lowest capital cost option but will generally consume twice the water per load compared to a front load washer. Front load washers are energy star rated and have a greater capacity and better extraction resulting in reduced time spent drying. The front load washer will also do a better job cleaning as the mechanical action of lifting and dropping the goods is far superior to the agitation of the top load washer. Also the front load washer is the best option for processing towels as it will remove more moisture greatly reducing your dry times. 

Front Load Washer

Need to bend down to load and unload

Higher in cost

More energy efficient

Uses gravity to wash laundry, which is gentler on clothes

Longer cycle times: 45 minutes

Can soak clothes, when needed

 Higher spin speeds for reduced drying time

Top Load Washer

Easier to load and unload

(no bending necessary!)

Lower in cost, in most cases

Less energy efficient

Uses an agitator to wash laundry

Shorter cycle times: 28 minutes

Can soak clothes, when needed



Huebsch Front Load Washer YFNE5BJP