Clean Heroes

East Coast Laundry Systems recently assisted Clean Heroes owner Andrew Ashford with the launch of his mobile firefighter turn out gear trailer.  The proper cleaning and inspection of firefighter protective clothing is gaining increased attention by fire departments.  Protective firefighter clothing needs to be kept clean to provide good performance. If gear is not clean it has increased risk of conducting heat and electricity and losses liquid shedding properties. Off-gassing from contaminated gear after a fire adds another level of risk to fire fighters. Cleaning after a fire and regularly can help prevent these risks from deadly carcinogens.

Andrew custom designed and built this unique solution to provide fire departments with an on-site option for the cleaning and inspecting of their gear.  East Coast Laundry supplied Clean Heroes with two Huebsch commercial front load washers (Model YFNE5B) along with a SaniSport Supreme ozone cleaning cabinet.  The self-sufficient trailer has an on board water supply and grey water storage along with a generator for  powering all required services.  Andrew is capable to completing advanced inspections on turn out gear right on-site and also has a gear drying system, resulting in rapid turn-around for customers.  This unique offering brings everything needed to a fire department thus limiting downtime on gear and ensuring firefighter safety.

Although many fire departments are utilizing a washer within their station to clean gear on a regular basis, a service of this nature that incorporates the required inspection is convenient and highly efficient.

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