East Coast Laundry Systems just returned from attending the 100th annual Maritime Fire Chiefs Convention in New Glasgow.  We participated in the vendor tradeshow along with our partners at Mic Mac Fire Safety Source.  During the show we discussed various Industrial Washers, Dryers, Drying Cabinets and Ozone Cabinet solutions that assist fire departments with the cleaning and sanitizing of their Turn Out gear, etc. Milnor Gear Guardian washer-extractors, dryers, and drying cabinets are made specifically for heavy, bulky turnout gear. the are pre-programmed with NFPA 1851 compliant formulas to make caring for your gear hassle-free. East Coast has supplied over 20 of these systems in Atlantic Canada and we enjoyed the opportunity to discuss how our Commercial Laundry Equipment can assist in your general safety. We look forward to next years show.