ADG - 80i

East Coast Laundry Systems, Peter Blunden and Kory Orchard just returned from the 2014 Synergy meeting with our manufacturer partners from ADC, Milnor, and Chicago Dryer.  We spent three days reviewing new product offerings, industry trends and had opportunity to discuss these with dealers from around North America.  One new product which has definitely caught our eye is the i-Series – Intelligent Dryer Series from ADC.  With standard Stainless Steel basket and fronts this is an impressive looking dryer which is coupled with great energy efficiency from the trans-axial airflow, pre-heat system and fully insulated cabinet.  The standard S.A.F.E. Fire Suppression System and IMC micro control with Auto Dry System ensure easy and safe operation.  Additionally with fewer moving parts, simplified drive system and two point roller support these dryers are designed for years of reliable operation.  We encourage you to explore through the link below or give us a call for more information!