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Poly Laundry Carts

We offer a variety of style and sizes of poly laundry carts from Techstar & R&B Wire which help to move laundry through the various stages of processing.  It is important to ensure that the size of the cart matches the washers & dryers to provide efficient labour usage.  Additionally, all of the carts can be fitted with backsaver platforms for improved ergonomics and reduced strains on staff.  Carts are available in a variety of colours so they can be easily identified as soiled or clean carts.

Choosing the Correct Laundry Carts:

  1. Consider the size load you want to move.  
  2. Ensure your selected card will fit though doorways & elevators.
  3. Check your material weight and make sure its adequate for the cart selected. A cart with a larger weight rating will have larger casters that will roll easier. 
  4. Would a Back Saver Platform be of value to you? This accessory helps eliminate excessive bending. 
  5. Most casters are designed for concrete floors.  If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to call us.  Bigger wheels roll easier.  There are special wheel materials for carpet and outdoor use.
  6. Consider the best caster pattern for your application.  All swivel casters are best for tight areas but they do not travel long distances well.  Diamond pattern turns easiest and travels long distances well.  Corner pattern gives you the most stability for safety with heavy loads and travels long distances as well.
  7. Colour coding is certainly possible for material identification needs.  An example might be Gray for soiled linen and Blue for clean linen.
Cart w/ Back Saver Platform

Cart w/ Back Saver Platform