Energy is about 15% of a laundry’s operation cost, and drying tumblers account for around 70% of your energy costs. Reducing your energy consumption can help save money and be friendlier to the environment. This can be achieved through various methods; starting with replacing older equipment with newer more efficient models, shortening your dryer times to help prevent wasted energy costs, reduce labour hours, and the loss of reduced linen life by over-drying. New technology will allow for consistent drying results where the tumble dryer automatically stops when the ideal dryness level is reached.  

Microprocessor Control

The Galaxy control features 30 programmable cycles and three cycle types that allow for greater consistency in drying. Laundry managers will see savings on their energy and labor costs, as well as extended linen life.

Over Dry Prevention

For the ultimate in utility savings and increased throughput, Huebsch offers OPT (Over-dry Prevention Technology) on Micro Processor models. This option ends your drying cycle at the exact remaining moisture level that fits your operation. This feature will extend your linen life, reduce time, and utility cost. Recent studies have shown that on average linens are over dried by an average of 8 minutes per load. On any given day, that’s over an hour of time and fuel wasted.

Reversing Cylinder

The reversing option is particularly useful for laundries washing sheets or large table linens. The dryer will stop, pause, and then switch direction. The reversing cylinder helps eliminate tangling and balling of large items, saving the employee’s valuable time. It also evenly dries the load, reducing over drying and wet spots in the middle of the load. This feature helps to extended linen life and reduces energy costs.

Fire Suppression System

The Tumbler monitors for excessive cylinder temperatures and sprays water onto the load of linen if it is triggered. The fire suppression system is designed to extinguish a laundry fire starting inside of a fire suppression system equipped tumbler. In the event of a tumbler fire, this can reduce any losses to the property and safely help protect employees in the area.

We welcome to the opportunity to  discuss how a new drying tumbler can help save time and money at your laundry.

Greg Blunden