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Milnor Washer 30022 T6X

Hardmount Washer Extractors


Milnor Washers Extractors give you a machine with a durable design and offer a full range of capacities and control packages for your individual needs. With superior construction, Milnor Washer Extractors have an industry leading 20+ year designed lifespan.

The innovative RinSave® Water Saver feature allows a precise G-force to “sling” the wash liquor (including water, chemistry, and soil) out of the goods after a wash step – saving up to 2 rinses per load and fill/rinse time. Saves Water, Saves Energy, and Saves Labour.


  • T Series – 40-60lbs

  • High Speed – 300G, 40-160lbs

  • Cabinet – Value Priced, 25-80lbs

  • Gear Guardian – Firefighter Gear



Domus presents it´s most efficient line of Washers the Touch II line is user frendly and totally programmable. With an intelligent weighing system, optimal loading and a water recovery tanks the Touch II have low water consumption.

Available in 25, 30, 40, 60 & 80 lb capacities.


  • User friendly and totally programmable 7” Touch II

  • USB Connection. PC software free of charge for programming, traceability, data analysis…

  • Videos on display (ads, instructions)

  • 37 languages

  • 8 dosing signals as standard

  • Versatility: Make to order - customisation OPL < > COIN Electric < > Hot water Drain valve < > Pump Wet cleaning features

  • Maintenance: Hinged panel - easy access to parts Equivalent parts for all models: contactors, electronic devices, gear Technical menu: traceability, error diagnosis