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Front Load Washer

What happens when you add unmatched efficiency to industry-leading quality and durability? Introducing new energy-saving and water-reducing features with the all-new Huebsch® Commercial Front Load Washer. More powerful than ever, and loaded with game-changing technology, the new front load washer is designed to deliver laundry performance that is second to none. Our engineers push them to the limit using a 5-step development process to deliver superior construction and true commercial quality that is sure to stand above the competition.

key product features:

  • Model: YFNE5BJP115CW01
  • Balancing Technology
  • Unmatched 440 G-Force
  • 21.5 lb Capacity
  • Easy Installation
  • 45-Degree Tilted Control
  • Electronic Controls
  • Unmatched Durability